Tuesday, July 21, 2015

our 8

this was my sight when i woke up in the mornings. all 8 of us in 1 room. pat and i on the bed. the kids all over the floor. it actually worked really well. there were no issues. {even with how bright it is in the morning...that picture was probably taken around 6 am!} we wore them out during the day...and they slept til 7:30ish (unless they got up to go fishing!)
pat went into the week wanting to be very intentional to find some time with our kids. he is such a good dad to them.
a few mornings, he took some of them fishing.
one day we drove the golf cart to the little produce stand.
and we bought a bag of peanuts that we let them eat on the way home...and then found out later they were RAW!. thankfully no one got sick :/
she asked for a ride - just the 2 of us. i was happy to oblige.
some weeks of vacation, we come home feeling more disconnected from our kids than when we left. but, because we were conscious about it, both pat and i had some sweet moments with our kids and came home thankful for each of them in new ways.

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