Monday, July 6, 2015

myrtle beach, day 1!

i can't BELIEVE how long it's been since i've been here. life has been so GOOD...and i honestly just haven't had time to be here. and that's ok.

i'll try to catch this up as i can. but life is still going on, and having these kids home for the summer is taking all i have.

ok. so we went to myrtle beach with my whole family. it was amazing. the beach, weather, temperatures were awesome!
 but THIS little girl was the HIGHLIGHT for SURE! Ellie Grace. my sister's first baby. she turned a month old while we were there. and she is the most precious thing. my sister, hannah, was so gracious and patient to let us all hold her SO much.

 we could NOT get enough!!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Ellie Grace is so adorable!