Wednesday, July 1, 2015

horse lessons

bailey isn't really a "sports" she hasn't done any sports for awhile...but she LOVES horses and has done a couple horse camps in previous years. we decided to let her try horse riding lessons. i'm not sure we're going to be able to continue it past the summer, but it's sweet for her now!
she had her first lesson last week. she was SO excited that she couldn't sleep the night before! and her riding pants and boots were laid out on her floor DAYS ahead of time.

it was just sweet to anticipate the upcoming excitement with her.

i'll be honest, the actual lesson was a little rough. she loved being up ON the horse, but once she got down and was expected to lead him and his big head was moving towards her, it was a bit scary. and there were a few tears.
but i know it's going to be so good for her...once she tackles those fears, she's going to be so much stronger. i'm so thankful that we can give her this opportunity this summer!
and i had a ball with these 3 while we waited - ha!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a wonderful opportunity this is for Bailey! Love the photos!!