Thursday, June 4, 2015


last friday afternoon, i left as soon as the kids got home from school to head out of town for a little reunion with my college roommates. i was so excited to go (of course!) but, i'm finding as my kids get older...and aren't just babies...that it's harder to leave and feel "free."

rebekah had an event at church that evening that she was speaking at.
joshua had his first playoff game for baseball on saturday morning.
i, of course, wanted to be available for those events. but, i also wanted to be there right before and right let them see my smile, my care, my love.
i truly wanted to be in 2 places at the same time.
as i drove, with the music blasting and the windows down, and tried my best NOT to think (i tend to get in trouble when i drive alone. it was an act of love for pat that i tried not to think...and come up with some "new adventure" for us ;-)), i transitioned from "mom" to "friend" and chose to trust that God would fill in where i couldn't.

{and there's always texting, which i took full advantage of with rebekah and kept up on all the happenings back home ;-) her talk went so well and "she's decided she likes to speak in front of people now". and joshua's team lost the game. so their season is over. but he had his best hit of the season.}

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