Thursday, June 4, 2015


and it was US that were cooking more than anything else! i decided to be stubborn and see how long i could NOT turn our air conditioning on. it's not so much the heat around here, as it is the humidity. it just kills you. one evening, i felt ILL from being so hot and busy all day. and that did it. air conditioning got turned on.

one afternoon i also decided to cook 8 (?!?) loaves of bread. WHEN it was so hot. sometimes i wonder about this brain of mine. also, i learned that we just really aren't bread lovers. they ate it, but didn't love it. good to know. cause bread hurts my stomach. and takes a lot of steps (yeast. rising. kneading.) but it SMELLS so good when it's baking!!
i did some thinking about why it was exactly that i was so ok with it being hot (i'm usually pretty quick to turn on the a/c.) there are 2 reasons (that i could figure out.) first, i was trying to save money so that we could have more money in the "grocery" line of the budget. second, it made me feel closer to haiti. it's crazy hot there. and i love it there. so i felt "closer" to haiti when i was dying of heat. weird but true. story of my life.

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