Monday, May 25, 2015

the lists

if you're like me, the lists are out of control right now. lists for parties at school, lists for sports and end of season activities and coaches gifts. lists for *fun* treats we want to do because we adore our kids. lists. lists. lists.

but HE is really the ONLY thing we need. period. HE IS ENOUGH.

to remind myself, i wrote His name across my whole planner {i will never go digital. i tried once. for 2 hours. i just can't.} it reminds me that He is all that matters. that if my eyes are on Him, everything else that needs to get done, will get done. that He is in control of ALL the many things and ways i think i'm controlling my days.

He IS my to-do list. and i've found so much freedom in that!


Michelle Haseltine said...

This made me smile when you posted it on Instagram and again today. YES!!! "He IS my to-do list." I love that line!!! By the way, I will ALWAYS keep is great, but I agree that some things we need paper and pencil. :)

Amy said...

Getting caught up on so many things this weekend! I think I just read 15 of your blog posts! :)

* Yes to the lists! Still working on my summer lists. Fun lists and things to accomplish list. I'll never go digital, either!

* Baseball is starting here! First game on Friday! Lawson may be pitching this year, too! So excited!

* Can't wait to see and hear baby news about Hannah!

* Corey things Lawson needs a haircut very similar to your boys. (The Hossmer, if you follow Royals baseball.) I'm trying to be okay with it. Your post helped. :)

* You are an inspiration in so many ways. I need to be more intentional and just DO more with my kids. You're amazing in so many ways.

Leighann said...

Now that I have a surgery date for Ryan, I've started the summer list. It's pretty short so far….

I prefer pen and paper too…. digital calendars and to do lists just don't work for me.

And YES!! JESUS first, over everything, gives freedom that cannot be described.

Love you!

Laurie Harmer said...

Love this reminder and your heart for Jesus, it just spurs me on and reminds me not to hide it in. I miss following your life on instagram but I had to get off for my heart.