Thursday, May 28, 2015

memorial day camping

where did this week go?? i have no idea.

but this past weekend we went camping. 5 families. 10 adults. 26 kids. it was amazing weather. delicious food. and the best company. i love camping. and that sentence makes me laugh...because it SO used to not be true. but i do. i love it.
 the kids had playmates all weekend. and we had people we love that we don't get to see often enough around at all hours. it was win-win.

 see? food. AMAZING.

 the night/mornings were chilly. but just enough to want to be by the fire in a sweatshirt.
or reading your book :-)

our family slept great both nights. and played HARD during the day. saturday we all went on a hike up a waterfall. it's a challenging enough hike that you feel kinda tough. but not so challenging that you have to leave the little ones behind.

 all the kids.

 this group has been camping together since the oldest kids were toddlers. we have just been asked to join in a couple years. but they've established all the fun traditions and ways to do things.

this year, at the top of the waterfall, we had a VERY special event!! one of the girls, rebecca, was baptized by her dad.

 it was SO special!! we were all honored to get to be a part of it!

 the rest of the day was filled with lots of playing and eating. that's pretty much all you do when you're camping :-)

morning #2.
we were in charge of breakfast this morning (each family was in charge of a meal.)
joshua set his alarm on his watch to get up and help pat. and he helped cook 6 pounds of bacon. it's so cool to watch him mature in certain ways and step up and help out. i love it.


this day was "beach" day. there's a beach area on a lake in the park that we spent the day until we left to come home.
jason (THE organizer) even organized games for the kids to play.

bridget. we have 13 kids between us. and i adore her. she loves me (and everyone around her!) SO well.
and this guy? it was so nice to just be together...outside...with our family and so many friends...for 2 days. what a wonderful weekend away!!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a gorgeous and fun weekend with your family and friends!