Friday, May 8, 2015

i love gray!

we've done a couple very small projects in our house {actually. we did them this winter. i've just not gotten around to showing them off!} and everything we do turns gray!

i re-did this hutch YEARS ago. it had a top and was brown. it was from my grandparents house and i think that's why i love it so very much. i took the top off, painted it red, and changed out the hardware. i've loved it like this for a LONG time. especially because i STRIPPED the finish off of it to paint it red. i spent HOURS on that thing.

but, my dining room/game room is my FAVORITE area of my house...and it just didn't GO for me anymore.


so. i painted it. a friend and i did it together on a snow day. i got a small can of paint and turned it into "chalk paint" (pinterest. i love you.) chalk paint is the BEST because you don't have to sand or prime or anything! just paint away!

then, a couple weeks later, pat changed the knobs for me.
i LOVE them. each knob is different. i LOVE this piece!!
the next project is a little bigger...and took a little more time than one afternoon :-)


Jill said...

I love your decorating style!

Megan said...

That looks great!