Monday, December 1, 2014

leading up to thanksgiving

it's been a week since i've been here! and what a week it's been.
honestly, it was a obnoxiously GOOD week. but there have been so many "not so good" weeks around here, that i'm choosing to be THANKful for the week we had, and not apologetic.

it was just good, sweet, deep, full of things we don't deserve kinda good.

i try to let my kids help me in the kitchen as much as i can. but, i often am in too big of a rush to get dinner on the table to take a deep breath and let them in (it takes longer and more patience, amen??) but these 2 offered the other night and they were adorable helpers!
i wish you could HEAR and SMELL this picture ;-)
buttering the bread. cutest face ever.

last monday (a week ago) it was 70 degrees! so, we blew off school and played outside. i've hardly done that at ALL with school...and we are pretty ahead of things so the next month is going to be much less structured and, hopefully, full of some sweet memories.

that afternoon, we ALL worked in the yard for 3 hours. raking, mowing, and started putting up our christmas lights! we had to take advantage of the weather! it was SO fun!! my body HURT that night in a GOOD way.
just a little table football tournament. i LOVE that they love to be together.
i was meeting my sister for dinner one night last week. and i was also missing my mom. so...since the kids didn't have school the next day (so i wasn't going to spend my afternoon doing homework/packing lunches/etc), i asked my mom if she could meet me for a couple hours BEFORE i was meeting my sister. it was the BEST afternoon/evening!! HOURS with EACH of these amazing women!
the kids had off school wed, thurs and friday. when i picked them up from school on tuesday, i said, "want to walk to dunkin donuts on the way home and have donuts for your snack?!?" they were just a little excited ;-) {actually. i knew bailey was going to say, "sure. but i don't like donuts." and she totally did. but i KNEW joshua and sawyer were going to be ecstatic and it was going to it's hard to make them all "happy."}


Kim Mattes said...

Oh my!! I can relate so much to all of this! A good week - like deep in my heart good, not just superficial good. kids helping in the kitchen and actually helping and saving me time - not just me deep breathing and trying not to lose my patience. ditching school and being okay about it since we haven't done it yet all year long and planning to have a looser schedule this month. :) I can't relate to being able to see my mom and sister spur of the moment. :( and we definitely cannot relate to not liking donuts! WHAT?!! She wouldn't last long around here. ;-) have a happy advent season with your sweet and special family!

Courtney said...

Christina & I were JUST talking yesterday about involving our boys more in the kitchen- and the amount of preparation and time that takes. But the rewards are always so, so sweet when we do it! Love every single thing about this post, and please don't ever apologize for having an awesome week!! :)