Monday, December 1, 2014

first snow. day before thanksgiving.

we just had to make a couple dishes for thanksgiving this year, so while many of you were cooking your brains out, we went to the gym and then i did this water walk. it was a challenge that i walk with 45 lb on my head. it also happened to be pouring down snow. i was planning on walking a mile...but only did 1/2 mile. it hurt SO BAD. so so bad. and gave us all an appreciation for so many people all over the world...that's lives look very different from ours. it was a good way to start our thanksgiving break.
pat got off early that day and we headed out to cut down our christmas tree! it was so beautiful in the snow!!!

i mean?!?

i can't decide which picture i like better...the "fancy camera" one...
or the "phone" one...what do you think?!?
it was an amazing day. i truly enjoyed it so so much. and, after years of forcing my "happy face" on days like this, it was a huge blessing!!


Alden and Dorian said...

LOVE these photos.....your REAL camera does take AMAZING photos. The pic of you Courtney and the couple pic are AMAZING! I do think I prefer the phone pic of the tree/farm. Something about it is awesome.

Gab N said...

Love your photos...I'm a Texan and I can't even dream about what it would be like to have all that snow!