Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas lights, christmas date and christmas cookies. and christmas love.

so this is basically last week in phone pictures. i really need to get my real camera out! like, NOW! so much happens. and i'd love to have more of it on camera...

anyways. early last week we had an afternoon/evening with NOTHING scheduled. it was such a gift! it feels as though most of our afternoon/evenings are full of the older kids "stuff" - homework, activities, projects. so this day i took the younger 3 boys on a walk/bike ride to see some of their favorite christmas lights in the neighborhood. it was so fun! they love this bounces around like the snowman is shivering. they all laugh. and so does my heart.
working hard ;-) december did not have many school hours in it, but we did manage to get in a few more before our break!
the day after that *sweet afternoon that was so fun* was so ugly and i definitely flipped out and cried most of the evening...and got in a fight with pat just because i was so overwhelmed. it was awesome. {this was what put me over the edge. traffic jam.}
desperately trying to undo some of the goodies i've been eating. their dinner: stromboli and pineapple. my dinner: egg, sweet potato and brussel sprouts.
this has to be documented. but can't be discussed. yet. give me a few more days... ;-)
guess which house is lincoln's? ;-)
i don't get to make nearly as many gifts as i used to. i just don't have the time. but i did make one. new breakfast plates for each of remind us that we get to CHOOSE each day who and what we will serve. $1 plates from target and some glass paint.
thursday night, pat and i went out with some friends. we went into DC! to dinner and a show at Ford's Theater! it was so fancy and fun and wonderful!

friday i should have been at the kids school
in the morning was the "holiday sing along" and the afternoon was 3 parties.
instead i swam at the gym, went grocery shopping, took a nap, drank a ton of water and caught up on email and my lists. it was a GREAT decision. for everyone. it allowed me to enter this 2 week break with my head on straight. i'm so thankful for finally feeling the freedom to make decisions that are best for me, instead of making decisions based on guilt or expectations.
we spend the weekend baking our brains out!!
i tried to make fudge for the first time. it didn't come out :(

and, here we are, the week of christmas!

i'm fighting a cold with everything i have, so today has been more low-key than it probably would have been. but no one is complaining. we went to the library, they are watching a movie (or 2?), they did do some chores. and we are having friends over for dinner.

and trying to take moments here and there to thank Him for coming. for us. love is full of sacrifice. that should change the way i live and love. 

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