Tuesday, December 2, 2014

and we're ready for december...

we worked our TAILS off on friday to get our house all ready for december. i worked inside, the rest of them worked outside. we finally gave into their requests for "lots of lights" outside...
we always decorate the tree LAST. once everything else is done. because decorating the tree is the fun part! :-)
i go back and forth between wanted everything to look SUPER festive and like a huge party (because Jesus coming is worth a big celebration!!) and wanting everything to be super simple and JUST about Him. it's my bi-polar christmas dilemma. and it's real.

the next day we made our yearly trek to hershey park. it's SUCH a fun tradition!
we went with some friends and had a GREAT day! when we first started going, i was lugging strollers and diaper bags and camera bags and all kinds of *stuff* around. this year, i got out of the car and walked in. no stroller. no bags. just my phone in my coat pocket to take a few pictures and ready to enjoy the day!

lots of the rides were "too scary" for this guy...so we got to hang out :-)

these 2 have known each other since they were bitty babies...before they could even crawl i was in a playgroup with her mom! so fun!
stopped at cracker barrel on the way home to thaw out and fill our bellies up!
after church on sunday, pat took bailey on a date to the american girl cafe for lunch. she's known about it for weeks and has been SO excited!!! they had a great time!
and our first day of december started at the dr office. thought rebekah might have strep...but it is just a virus. hoping she can kick it quickly (and not pass it around!)
excited to start a couple new traditions this evening...we'll see if they stick. don't be afraid to try something new! it might end up being your favorite way to celebrate the season!


Ali said...

love all the lights!

Alden and Dorian said...

LOVE your Hershey tradition, the outside lights (yay for YES!), and advent posts.