Thursday, October 16, 2014

processing and working our tails off!

how do you come back to our overabundant world after a trip like that? how do you even begin to process? how do you respond correctly when, hours after you've landed, your son asks for a $40 halloween costume (that we already have one of?!?) (and you've NEVER bought halloween costumes. ever.)

love. love. love.

that's what i keep chanting to myself over and over. what does love look like in this moment?

flying off the handle at my son about how ridiculous that sounds when children just want CLOTHES and SHOES and a MOM isn't very loving. {although true. very true.}

God has placed me here. in the richest county in america. in a school that has ASKED for people with material needs to let them know and there aren't any. in a neighborhood full of healthy marriages and healthy families {not all...but a LOT!} my heart easily goes to africa and haiti. to clean water and safe cooking stoves. but i'm praying also for how i can love and serve HERE. where He's put me.

and a lot of days that looks like sitting and playing a game of Uno with my son. or offering to do bailey's hair before school. and being TRULY engaged in those moments. making them BIGGER than they are, instead of getting through them as quickly as i can. prompting conversation as we spend time together. choosing to love and draw out their hearts.

ok. so we've been processing.

we've also been working our tails off!

the morning after we got back, our trip was shared to the staff at our church. they were EXCITED and emailed us that day with numerous ways they wanted our church to come alongside pastor francois and his church and his kids. which was AWESOME and way more than we had even HOPED to pray for. but it meant lots of editing pictures, lists, details, and time. we are amazed at what God is doing and are honored to be along for the ride!

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K said...

This has been so amazing to read Courtney! Thank you for being there and sharing!