Sunday, October 19, 2014

my idea of rest

as i've said, we truly try to observe the sabbath by resting.
but "resting" doesn't always mean naps :-)

i've wanted to play with my blog header, layout, etc for a LONG time.

i finally allowed myself to ignore all lists and "to-do's" and the week ahead (and my children :/) for a couple hours today and updated things around here. it was so fun for me and i love it! click around and see what's new! (i hadn't updated the "about" page in 3 was HARD to replace the pictures of baby sawyer and baby levi!)

i'm not sure i'll leave the layout like it is.

but i LOVE the new header...especially as it's going to be for REAL cold tonight - argh! that header is going to get me through this winter :-)


Courtney said...

love the header and love the picture of YOU!!!!!

Courtney said...

also just read the "about" page. love how you use "happy" or some variation of that to describe so many of your children. says a lot about them, but also about the house they're in. hope you find joy and happiness in that too.

Amy said...

Love the new header.. the picture of you... and your about page! Really love! And I totally "get" your idea of rest! Makes perfect sense to me! :)