Thursday, May 8, 2014

let's be honest.

all things are a bit better around here if i can exercise.
last week was GOOD. and i truly felt like He asked me to do it, but i am just a much better everything to everyone if i can exercise.

sometimes i've wondered if, years from now, i will regret running and working out while my kids are young...will i have wished that i spent those hours with them instead (most of my running hours are done before anyone else is awake...but still...)

after last week, i don't think that i will think that. i'm much more efficient, get more done, happier, nicer and healthier if i exercise! how can i regret that?!?

this week has been another good one.

monday morning, the boys said, "can we go to the duck pond and bring our lunch?" i had other things TO DO. but i didn't do them and said, "YES!" we are just all so happy to be OUTSIDE!
 i maybe ran 10 miles on monday. not really on purpose. it was 4 different workouts...i ran 4 slow-ish miles with my running group early-early. then went to the gym later to do weights and ran just 1 FAST mile. i've started training bailey (couch to 5k app) so we ran/walked 2 (SLOW!) miles after school. and rebekah wanted to go to the gym to run 3 miles, and she isn't allowed to go by ran next to her :-) felt so good!! and i SLEPT so good! (i did NOT sleep well last week! boo!)

it's fun to have someone next to me in the car these days during all our evening practices and games and such!
so. i think we are for REAL a baseball family. joshua LOVES it. he pitched the other night. man, that is HARD on a mom!!! but he did great!

saw this idea. and did it. boom. surprised them with it for lunch. they LOVED it!
a friend that has brought me SUCH encouragement stopped by yesterday! i had NEVER met her in person! and had a moment where i wondered, "is this going to be super weird?!?" but it wasn't. she was as wonderful in person as she's been over my computer the last few years. social media can be a time-suck and pull us away from the things that REALLY matter, for sure. but it can also be such a blessing!
started planning our summer! it's going to be a BUSY one! i've had my sadness over that (i prefer more low-key) and am moving on and embracing it!
glasses made by lincoln. new mercies every morning made by God.
i did this workout this morning. i LOVED it. it really pushed me.
the boys did my last sprint with me. the rest of the time they just played...they are awesome at playing ;-)
i had never done a "donkey kick" before. it was scary the first time. but super fun once i knew what to do! i'm sure the people driving by got some entertainment from me on my front porch kicking the wall. oh well, my neighbors already all think i'm nuts! ;-)
today for lunch they wanted to eat outside on their picnic table. and light a candle. hysterical, they are. and i love them.


Courtney said...

your summer scheduling has me wondering if you'll be in myrtle beach this summer????!!!!

Heather said...

Girl...I can't believe just how much you get accomplished in one day! You are amazing!! Such a blessing to see you..and SO glad it wasn't!

Leighann said...

I wish I could be a fly on your wall. Donkey kicks… love it. I miss you and your summer schedule sounds like ours…. mulling things over in our house too. Kindof excited, but hate the feeling of having it all planned already.