Thursday, May 15, 2014

i couldn't shake it

it was mid-morning on tuesday. just a normal morning (goodness. i LOVE "normal" mornings!)

i walked with my 3 sidekicks to the duckpond to feed the ducks and turtles and fish and eat their lunch. they were running and playing and dropping pieces of bread to the creatures and, all of a sudden, i felt like i needed to have bailey WITH me.

"get her from school, get her a smoothie and watch Frozen together."

WHAT?!? where in the world did THAT come from?? i don't DO that kind of stuff. take my kids out of school just to watch a movie?!? huh?? i would take them out of school for a BIG event, but just to sit on the couch and watch a movie??

nah. she doesn't need me to do that. she LOVES being in school. and i have TONS of stuff to do in my quiet hour this afternoon.

but i couldn't shake it.

so i did it. went up to the school and signed her out. when she walked around the corner and saw me, she BURST into tears. and started talking a mile a minute but i couldn't understand ANYthing she was saying.

got her to the car, calmed her down a bit, and heard all about some kids breaking her heart not 2 minutes before i got there. she would have survived being in school after that. but when i told her how our God had TOLD me that she needed me, it was a beautiful act of love for BOTH of us! HE knew she needed me, and He orchestrated it so that i was there.
we drove and got a smoothie. and sat on the couch and watched frozen. i didn't get my stuff done that afternoon, but i got what needed to get done later.

that evening we had a baseball game...and a nail salon :-) and hearts just a little more in awe of His love for us.


Heather said...

wow...thank you so much for sharing! i love seeing God work in the everyday things!

Leighann said...

His love is amazing…

Courtney said...

this brings me to tears. what a beautiful testimony of God's love for you, for Bailey and for all of us as God's children. I am encouraged by your listening and acting on God's "still small voice". Bailey will never forget it.

Mandy said...

Tears. Love this so much!

Janet said...

Wow...God is great!! So sweet and I'm sure she'll never forget it.