Wednesday, May 21, 2014

he hit a double. his dad was proud.

joshua wanted a new bat at the beginning of baseball season. pat made a deal with him: he had to pitch a game AND hit a double and he would get him a new bat. he's pitched a few games...but the double was harder to get. he hit one on saturday but pat was coaching sawyer's tball game. this was the moment joshua ran out in between innings and told pat he hit the double. and then he held him like this for a LONG time. i have no idea what he said, but i'm pretty sure joshua will never forget those words. watching the man you love speak words of LIFE into the pieces of your heart walking around as children is almost too much to take in. so thankful for the gifts i've been walk next to a man that loves me and his family and his God, to be a mom, and to have the peace in the moment to be able to take things like this in.

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Alden and Dorian said...

I love this post for many reasons. One, that Pat had Joshua work for his bat {earned items are so much more appreciated aren't they}, and the love and pride Pat had for Joshua. Their relationship is sweet, simply sweet.