Sunday, May 25, 2014

date with sawyer

i've been so torn this year...between my last year with sawyer at home (in the mornings) and homeschooling lincoln. every day it feels like there isn't enough time to do either one WELL. and because lincoln's school is "more important" than playing with sawyer, school usually won.

to appease my heart, i took sawyer on a date. just me and him. on a wednesday morning.

we went to the batting cages first.

then we putt-putted. we were the ONLY ones there (go figure! at 11 am on wednesday! :-)) so we did the holes he thought were fun like 3 times. and laughed. and took pictures laying on the course. and had a BALL!
he got such a kick out of trying to figure out the holes and their "tricks". i got a kick just taking him in!

then to five guys for lunch. i turned around after ordering and he was filling up peanut buckets for each of us. CUTE boy!
i got him a REAL drink. that was a HUGE HUGE treat (we ALWAYS get water for our AND healthy!)
i love all my kids...but some of them suck the life out of me trying to stay on top of them...and some fill me up. this guy fills me up. time with him is easy and fun and a JOY!
last stop was an ice cream cone. and he was late to school. i loved the office lady's reaction when i walked him in the office to sign him in and she asked the reason and i said, "we had to go on a date!" ha! :-)
 goodness, i'm going to miss that boy next year when he's in school all day.......

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Alden and Dorian said...

I love how you tend to each of your 6 kids in a special "just for them" way. You have balanced Sawyer and Lincoln so well this year....and this was just a wonderful treat for both you and Sawyer. You will never regret the thought, prayers and time you give each of your kids Courtney.