Friday, May 2, 2014

baseball on the radio

every night that the Nat's (Washington Nationals) play, this is the scene in joshua and sawyer's room.

joshua listens to the game on his radio. like, totally old-school.

sawyer plays quietly.

if something REALLY exciting happens, joshua comes to the top of the stairs and tells pat and i.

i LOVE it. i LOVE hearing the radio announcers on. and i love that he loves the game THAT MUCH.


Megan said...

So fun! There's something about listening to a game on the radio. It reminds me of my grandpa listening to MN Twins games when we visited.

Vicki said...

This made me smile because one of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on the front porch on summer nights, listening to Orioles games on the radio with my dad. I still love the sound of a baseball game:).