Tuesday, March 4, 2014

snow day. again.

i can't even pretend about it anymore. there have been WAY too many snow days. i don't know how many we've had at this point. but i'm SO over it. i want NORMAL weeks (since starting to homeschool lincoln in december, i haven't even been able to figure out WHAT my "normal" week looks like, but i know it's not what it's been for the last 14 (14!!) weeks.

all of this HAS taught me some stuff (besides i'm becoming more and more of a summer girl and less and less of a winter girl). i have learned to just do what is right in front of me. i don't plan for the next day, because it will probably change and be a waste of my time to plan. less and less phases me. i'm learning to roll with the punches better than i ever have. but that doesn't mean it's not hard for me to choose to do that. it's getting easier, but it's still hard!

i've also learned how great my kids are. they also roll with the punches and work hard shoveling without complaining and are patient with a very moody mom! :-)

i do my best. sometimes my best is sitting here blogging while letting them play the Wii (currently happening). other times i make them hot chocolate and snow ice cream at 10 am. (and if you complain that you didn't get "enough", you will get NONE.)
these 3 put on a "show" for us last evening. it was AMAZING :-) about 5 songs were performed. sawyer blew on a horn thing every 5 seconds or so. yes, those microphones work. very well!

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