Wednesday, March 5, 2014

lent 2014

Lent begins today. i have no idea what the actual "purpose" is. but, for me, it's a time to lean into Him and what He's done for me and to lean AWAY from the things of this world.

this year, we will be going through this devotional book with our kids. i can't wait.

up until sunday, i wasn't sure what, if anything, i would be "giving up" or "adding" during the Lent season. i very proudly (ha!) stated just recently here on this blog that i couldn't give up food things because "the things i've given up in years past are how i eat all the time now." sunday i was hit over the head with the fact that that isn't true. even though it's MORE true than it used to be, i'm more "back to my old ways" than i'd like to admit. but i'm admitting it. i can hardly go a day without sugar - even a square of dark chocolate at the end of the day. i'm always thinking about the next "exception" to my rules. no, there's no huge issue with that, i know. but it's more my heart in the matter.

i go to a bowl of candy way more quickly than i go to Him. i so desire to go to Him first. and i will use the next 40 days to, once again, try to retrain my heart and mind. no sugar. no "treats." just food that is GOOD for my body. i recognize i'm like a child...this is what children give up for Lent; "treats". but it has been sweet (NOT literally - ha!) the last 2 years. and, because i'm still the same person with the same weaknesses, i trust it will be sweet once again.

it is a sacrifice and it will be hard.
i've done it before. i know what will happen. and that is exciting to me! i will feel better. i will have more energy and less stomach issues. i will sleep better and feel stronger. i will have a clear mind to think on Him and His promises. it will be good. what a gift to KNOW what will happen!

do you "do" Lent? are you excited or nervous? dreading it or looking forward to it?

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Our Life Version 5.0 said...

HI, I found your blog through Sonya's blog.
Yep, doing Lent this year again too. And "sweets" are one of my two things to give up! I agree that I go to sweets more than I go to the Lord too.