Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my hour

every afternoon for always, i have had at least an hour of quiet.
whether i had a baby, a newborn AND a toddler, kids that don't nap anymore. EVERY day since i've had kids we have quiet time in the afternoon. i need it to do my days well.

i used to take a nap. i can't anymore. cutting out sugar makes me LITERALLY not be tired. it's kind of amazing.

but i still go to my room, close the door, turn on my LOUD fan, and get under my covers with whatever book i'm reading for a few minutes (15-20). my introverted self just needs to shut the WORLD out for a few minutes.

then i spend the rest of my quiet doing whatever i want to do. i try not to clean. sometimes i cook. usually i catch up on email/blogs/budget. i wish that i spent more of that time in the Word, seeking His face. sometimes it just feels good to "waste" a few minutes reading a whole article or something.

there are days where i don't get "my hour." if i know it ahead of time, it's ok. but if it happens and i'm not planning on it, the afternoon is NOT pretty.

oh, how i love my hour :-)


Jill said...

Okay, so I'm totally not as cool as you are :), but I can resonate with so much of what you share on your blog day by day. We have rest time here too and it is definitely a treasured hour.

Leighann said...

I totally need the mental space too. I'm such a better mom if I steal a few minutes for me in the day.