Tuesday, January 14, 2014

unroll me

i'm about to tell you about something that will change you life.
i'm not even exaggerating. this is serious stuff.

there is this site called unroll me.
you enter your email address and it immediately lists out EVERY email that you are subscribed to getting.

i had over 200.
EVERY time i checked my mail on my phone (or computer) (and i hate to admit HOW often that is or HOW many minutes that wasted of my day!) there were at LEAST 4 emails that were junk that i just deleted without even opening.

so. it pops up this list of 200 sites that i'm subscribed to.
then there are 3 options to the right of each site: "add to my rollup" (i'll explain that in a minute), "unsubscribe" (and you NEVER get another email from them again after you click that button!!!!), "keep in inbox" (and it keeps coming to your inbox just like always.)

i went through all of those and unsubscribed to 90% of them. kept 1% in my inbox. and the other 9% go into my rollup. every morning i get 1 email (1! 1!) that has those few emails all in one. i scroll through them quickly. click on the ones i might want to read. and delete. and i get NO more "junk" mail the rest of the day.


go. do it.


Alden and Dorian said...

This sounds AMAZING! I've seen a couple of people post about this!

Laura said...

I did it. I had 214 things I was subscribed to. I didn't downsize as much as you, but I have already gone back once and done more. Thanks for the tip!!

Six In The Sticks said...

MIND BLOWN. {Thank you!}