Monday, January 27, 2014

snow day(ssssss)

my kids had no school ALL week last week because of some snow. that wouldn't melt. and kept making them cancel school. i wish i could say it was so fun and all that "happy" stuff. but it was a bit crazy. it could have been worse. the kids actually were GREAT, but it was just a lot of days of being home and stuck in our basement!

the above picture was one morning when i made them ALL do "T25".

then we went sledding. most of the days it was too cold to even do that. but we made it a couple hours this particular day.

there was LOTS of laughter. it was a good time!

 best big sister EVER. pulled him up the hill every.single.time.

 some friends joined us...
 they always went down in a big line, ended up in a big pile at the bottom

 and then trudged back up the hill to do it all over again.

 it was SO good to be outside and to laugh!

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