Friday, July 5, 2013

low key day for the 4th

i felt like the day was low-key...but once i put all the pictures on here, i'm thinking maybe not so much - ha!

we were all still a bit tired from our road trip, so we decided not to GO anywhere for the fireworks for the 4th, but we still had a full day!

i started out with a 9 mile run and it was not pretty. that was discouraging to me. not sure what was up? humidity...tired...getting back on track with eating...who knows. ugh.

we headed out to the farm to pick blueberries and play...
playing football while we were waiting for the hayride to take us to the blueberry field

the blueberry picking was SO easy and fun this time!
while we were playing later on, this goat wanted to play with us. the kids loved picking it up and playing with it.

it was so nice to have a day in the middle of the week with my man!
{i HATE that i did my arm like's one of my pet peeves - the arm out all crooked and all in pictures}

we came home, and pat took the older 3 to play tennis while i prepped dinner and the little boys rested.

then we went to the pool - lincoln and sawyer and both making GREAT strides in swimming! it's SO fun!

made a YUMMY dinner...

and then went for a little walk. we brought those popper things and did them up at the school. that was the extent of our fireworks. no one seemed to mind.
pat and i crashed on the couch for a bit after the kids were in bed and this little guy was our buddy. he does NOT like the fireworks AT ALL.
this was 5 minutes later... :-)
such a fun, full day!!!

the kids didn't have swim team this morning. it was nice to move slower! i even slept in and didn't run! these 4 sleep together almost every night in the summer.
one of our summer traditions is to walk to dunkin donuts for breakfast one morning. i decided to do it today. between our road trip, the 4th of july and the weekend ahead, my kids are having the best "summer week"!

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