Thursday, June 27, 2013

swim team :: summer 2013

we pretty much live and breathe swim team in the summer.
and we love it.
i embrace it and we go with it and it's a blast.

they have practice EVERY morning, monday - friday. all 3 of them at different times.
it makes the morning crazy. and i can't workout like i'd like. but we make it work. we all "give" a little and it works.

the meets are LLOOOONNNNGGG. but so so fun!

last night it was raining pretty good before the meet started...
our team always gathers at the gate and all come in together to fun music...
here they come!

they do some fun cheers...
the 3 little guys taking it in...
for the star spangled banner, kids can sign up to swim the flags across the pool. rebekah did it last night with 2 of her friends.

we were there for 5 hours. and their races are like 30 seconds long. ha! but they DO swim at least 3 times it keeps us entertained.
it's so nice that there is no drama before bailey's races this year!

he's SO competitive.
"what was my time?"
it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL night!

LOVE her face in this one!
joshua doing backstroke. he knew he had a GOOD shot of winning this one.

and he did!!
last race for the cassada's...rebekah doing butterfly (her favorite!)
it's a huge commitment, but we love it. and i'm hoping we'll have 2 more on the team next summer!!


Holly said...

oh my goodness!!!
such great pictures!!!!!!

Mandy said...

oh this looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

love it brings back a lot of memories of your mom and I swim team.
love the pictures

Courtney Cassada said...

maybe three!