Thursday, July 14, 2011

she made it across!!!

**warning: lots of pictures :-)

keeping everyone busy before the meet starts...

this is one of lincoln's many faces

can you see me in his eyes??

ok. so, bailey.
her first meet! most people are winding down their swim seasons...but since we were gone and it's bailey's first season, she's just now feeling confident enough to swim in a meet!

she was excited all day...and then started asking all kinds of questions as we were driving to the meet.
i knew she was getting nervous. so i did, too.
lining up...(she's 3rd from the back)
she was staring at the pool...sizing it up...and NOT doing well.
THANKfully pat arrived about then and gave her a little pep talk, that ONLY her daddy can give :-)

and she got a hug that ONLY a daddy can give :-)

then we had to walk around the other side of the pool, so we could be there when she got across!
we watched from there. as she sat in the chairs and waited her turn.
we could tell as she moved closer, that she was FLIPPING out.
and then rebekah appeared!
and a junior coach that she LOVES (the one in the blue shorts)
and, between the 2 of them, they were able to talk her into getting into place and jumping in!

i mean, is that good form or what?!? ;-)
i was SO nervous.

but, she (ever so slowly) made it across!!!
we were SO proud of her!
yay bailey!!!
she's going to try to do freestyle AND backstroke on saturday.

{rebekah and joshua swam in this meet, too! and did GREAT! it was just a big one for bailey!}

and we have another swimmer in the family :-)


Maggie said...

I remember my first meet! Coach Cam walked on the side the whole way in case I didn't make it.

Way to go Bailey!

Jeff Acton said...

This isn't even about your adoption, and I was crying!!! What a sweet night for your daughter.

Jill Bruno said...

both our kids swim too and how cool is it that you get to swim outside!! I told my kids about it and they were so excited. It makes you so proud of them when you see them overcome such big fears!!

Holly said...

oh my gosh, I was crying too!
to see Bailey 'balk' at something was almost too much for me!

Alden and Dorian said...

Hip hip horray, hip hip horray, hip hip horray for BAILEY! Oh that was precious Courtney!!!! WE all felt nervous as we read your post...sweetness when Pat talked to her and jubilation when she dove in and swam!!!! A BIG accomplishment and we're so happy for her....and YOU. What a GREAT night. What a BIG step.

Christy said...

ohhhhh that was SO PRECIOUS Courtney!!!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

Bailey is always so happy so it was strange/sad to see her sad! Nothing like a hug from Dad to make it all better. so sweet

T-Luh said...

YAY Bailey!!!! That is awesome! I love the pictures of her and Pat...and I also love the one of Levi where yes, you are totally in his eyes- that is amazingly poetic and truly beautiful!

Kim said...

Way to go bailey, did like the pictue of you and dad also so sweet. keep up the good work.
alway love you pictures also.

BeninVA said...

Yea for Bailey!! And I think I recognize where you were! Were you in our neck of the woods?? Let us know if you have another meet out there, and we'd love to see you all and cheer on the kids! Love, The Fernandez clan

Tammy said...

that is just precious...the pics of pat and bailey gave me chills.

Tracey said...

Oh man, this took me right back to when I was on swim team at Bailey's age. I was always so nervous--I hated meets! Being on the spot still makes me nervous.

Kate and Geoff said...

oh my heart. those pictures of her with pat! oof. A-MAZ-ing. And SHE's so amazing!

Stacey said...

this brought tears to my eyes! love you all!