Friday, June 28, 2013

joshua got braces!

right before we got out of the car...he was excited up until that afternoon...then he got pretty nervous.
walking out of the dr office. it was painless to get them on!
the next morning...not so painless. he was a mess. but by lunchtime, he was fine and has been fine the rest of the day!

i think he looks so cute! first person in our family to get braces. pat and i didn't have them. and rebekah just had to have a retainer.
he definitely chose pink and green for his colors. pat couldn't believe i "let" him choose those colors. i really could care less. he likes them and they are on HIS teeth! and he can change them like every month when we go in!

 {i think part of his strawberry smoothie is stuck on that green one - ha!}


Fifty Shades Lighter said...
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Kim said...

so fun

Holly said...

Lydia gets hers off in a week or two and the same day, Samantha has her 'fitting' apt.