Thursday, May 9, 2013

a survival kind of week

it started last week. just a "little" cold. i kept going, pushing on. what else do us moms do?

made a "real" dinner tuesday evening, went to target at rush hour to get lincoln's new glasses because they called and said they came in, and ran 3 miles with rebekah at 7 pm. (it's one of her "chores" - and she loves it when i do it with her. and i sure don't mind!)
 after that evening, my body was mad at me. i slept maybe an hour that night. up all.night.long coughing, eating cough drops, drinking hot water with so desperate i almost went to the basement to get some of pat's beer...but didn't (i HATE the taste of beer.) it was so miserable. and i made the decision, as i watched every hour pass by of that very long night, that i WOULD take it easy the next day.

i went to the dr to make sure there wasn't anything they could give me. guess what? i got diagnosed with seasonal allergies. I DO NOT HAVE SEASONAL ALLERGIES. i wanted to punch that lady in the face. do you REALLY think i would lug these 2 little boys in here and tell you i'm about to DIE if i just have seasonal allergies? ugh.

came home and put a movie on for them. i actually went to sleep!
 that afternoon, after getting the kids from school and making our way through the homework ordeal, i said, "does anyone need anything else? no? because for the next hour i am laying down. you can come talk to me in my bed. but i am LAYING down for an hour." i lasted 45 minutes. not because of them. i just couldn't take it anymore!

i took this during that 45 minutes. my bedside table is gross right now. littered with used toilet paper (ha! from blowing my NOSE) and cough drop wrappers. and the 15 books i'm reading :-)
the kids have been amazing. they always are when we are sick, aren't they? i learned that through all my morning sickness when i was pregnant.

this guy is making my heart swell lately. i got home the other day from taking the girls to piano, and this was what i saw. he was pumping up levi's tires, because joshua wanted levi to come outside with him while he was shooting baskets. LOVE that kid. so so much!
 and THEN, yesterday, when i was laying in my bed...he held some sort of school/contest/thing in his room. and bailey and sawyer WON getting to go get frozen yogurt. so i took them. in the pouring rain. because i LOVE to say "yes" to joshua. he asks for so few things, it makes it easy to say "yes" when he does!
 i am getting ready to head out of town tomorrow morning. for a long weekend with my college roommates. i'm getting on a plane and flying to texas!! i.can't.wait! and i'm feeling better. not awesome, but better. i think i'll be pretty good by tomorrow...definite improvement today over yesterday (maybe rest does work? i don't know. i'm not a big fan of "rest." but i know we are supposed to do it.)

sawyer and levi were throwing and catching grapes in their mouths at lunch today. not great table manners. but priceless to hear their laughs, so i let them do it, and took pictures, and laughed with them, and cheered when they got close to catching one. :-)
i doubt i'll be back here before i go. meeting at our house tonight, packing and laundry to do late tonight. so i'll leave you with some sweet words i read:

I read in Richard Foster’s book on prayer, “Real prayer comes not from gritting our teeth but from falling in love.” I pause to think about those words, rub my sore jaw. Love is a choice and love takes time.
Our souls aren’t made to hustle.

happy mother's day to all you moms out there! it's a hard day...there is so much pain surrounding a day that celebrates something as wonderful as a "mom" - there are those that want to be moms that aren't, there are those that can no longer hug their moms, lots of pain. i always pray a lot on mother's day...for all that pain.

i am blessed to be a mom. and i'm so very thankful for my mom and mother-in-law...for their love and encouragement in my life.

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Michelle said...

You'll be able to rest with us all weekend! You know all we'll be doing is sitting around and eating. :) I hope you make it through the last 24 hrs okay!