Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring break!

 we headed out of town a few days ago. to the BEACH!

for those of you from our area  - this was going over the bridge to the outer banks...ahh!
 we are here with 2 other families that we LOVE.

um. are they the cutest or what?!? they are the 2 youngest of the crew.
 all 12 kids eating dinner the night we got here. ali - i copied your "first night menu" and made enchilada's and brought them - it was a HUGE hit!
 rebekah is LOVING having a good friend on a beach trip!
 kelly taught the kids solitaire. it's been so fun to have them play it for HOURS. i have SO many memories playing cards with my mom til the wee hours of the morning.
 LOTS of ncaa bball watching...
 and so fun to have running partners!
 we had a little worship service together sunday morning...
 rebekah and noelle did a "spa" for the little girls - did their hair and nails.
 we did go for a walk on the beach. it was cold.
 but they found LOTS of VERY precious shells.

 i wish you could hear the SOUND that goes with this picture!

 i LOVE being with him!!

 he was my nap partner yesterday. sweetness...
lots of game playing. the weather hasn't been the best for the beach...rainy the first day and cold ever since. but they are all playing so well together and we are definitely all relaxing.
more to come!!


Katy said...

I've been.thinking so.much about you the last few days!!! Praising God for some.relaxation!!!

Michelle H said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for posting the picture of going over the bridge. Tell Noelle and Rebekah I said hello! :)

Ali said...

Wish we were there with you ;) Owen has been very concerned that Joshua doesn't have someone there his own age.

Kim said...

so fun we were at beach with mom and da for a few days, cold and rainy still got on beach.