Thursday, February 7, 2013

why am i so TIRED at 8 pm?!?

just posted this pic and description to instagram (courtneycassada if you're on there!):

8 pm. Headed out for a {fast!} 3 mile run. Wasn't feeling it but did it anyways. Snapped a pic real quick to capture the look of the long day. Sometimes I get frustrated with how tired I am, but then I remember why ... Up at 5 am, 4.5 mile run, breakfast done, 3 kids to school, cared for a sick kid while doing school with another and keeping a baby out of both things, shower (!), met pat for lunch with the 3 boys at home, 2 kids down for naps, Joshua and I took short naps then watched karate kid together (I took care of a few urgent emails and blogged about his bday for a few minutes), picked kids up from school, homework with one, yet another "issue" dealt with with another, (oh! 3 loads of laundry done!), got to talk to good friend for a few minutes and be painfully honest, dinner (leftovers...whew!), took bailey to bball practice and shopped (alone!) for a weeks worth of groceries at Sams while she was there, home and headed out for my run. 
Yes. Now I know why I'm tired :)

i forgot that i also made a cake that looks like a basketball court. you'll see it tomorrow ;-)

not patting myself on the back. we ALL work so hard. it just helps me to understand WHY i'm so drained at 8 pm!
also. at lunch today joshua informed pat that "mom never sits down. at least you get to sit down all day!" part of me was glad he noticed how hard i work. part of me was sad. i DID sit with him for what i thought was a good amount of time both days. but maybe not enough??


Maggie Kolb said...

Color me impressed! That was a chock full day. You earned tired at 8pm.

Katy said...

Wait. You're running twice a day now? Wow. I don't know how you do the 5am wakeup everyday. Yuck!!!

Leighann said...

now that i'm not eating processed carbs, i don't get the afternoon lunch coma or feel like falling asleep with the kids. (i'm not up at 5 am either!)

can't wait to see the cake!

Diana said...
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Kim said...

you better take care of your is hard but need to sit down and just rest . Know the runs are good but be careful.