Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{the other side of monday}

{i started to write this last night but couldn't finish it. that's rare for me.}

the fact that God gives us a new day every 24 hours is SUCH a gift.
rebekah was SO amazing yesterday (monday). so brave. so beautiful.
but there were some really hard parts of the day.
i was pretty sick. and felt like i was going to "be sick" most of the day (i think that was just from being in the "hospital" setting. i hate it.)

{rebekah on tuesday morning. levi LOVED having her home :-)}
the other hard part of the day was lincoln. he just basically can't handle anyone else being the center of attention and he will do ANYthing to get himself back to being the center. drama. rage. made up illnesses. it's nothing new. but i have gotten pretty good at anticipating it when someone's birthday is coming up, etc. this time it took me off guard and i didn't feel well and, well, it was not pretty. hence the "thankful for a new day" yesterday morning.

yesterday (tuesday) was a MUCH better day. i hope to use words with him later today (wednesday) and try to explain our frustration with his behavior on monday. i tried yesterday and got a blank stare, but i was still pretty angry inside and knew it was coming out in frustration instead of truly trying to help him i stopped the conversation. he really loves his siblings and cares for others and i hope that i (God!) can help him see how he hurts others when he acts that way. i also know that it is a part of him that has been formed out of insecurity and fear. those are deep, real things that might never go away completely, but i hope, for his sake, that he can learn what is appropriate and what is not.

the other kids have handled this week SO beautifully. joshua and sawyer played with lego's in  their room for WELL over an hour (ok. maybe they were trying to escape the "yuck" going on in the rest of the house. but i still appreciated and noticed it.)

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Tisha said...

I so get that. It seems as if it's the way our lives have been ever since we adopted our kids. The hard, worse parts are always happening along side the good.