Monday, August 22, 2011

rwanda - where we stayed

the place we stayed in rwanda was called chez lando.
we didn't have a choice. it's where our agency books all the families that travel to rwanda.
but we were VERY pleased. we loved it!
it was gorgeous. we felt safe.

our rooms were on the bottom floor of this building.
the service was amazing. clean towels and made our beds every day.
we walked on this walkway to breakfast every morning...
 and to the playground :-)
the internet was not great. but we got better service in the lobby.
a few TOUGH nights skyping in that lobby with my baby at home...
one of our 2 rooms...
tears shed laying on that bed. kids sick on that floor...and in that bathroom (and hannah :-( )
2 new little boys to put to sleep and dress and bathe and feed welcomed into our arms in these rooms.
movies watched on the dvd player on those beds by the kids.
fanta's kept {kinda} cold in the little fridge on the floor.
memories made. dreams became reality.


Anonymous said...

We were in the same building, and I'm pretty sure the exact same rooms as you were! :) So fun to see those pictures again!

Holly H.

KLTTX said...

Can you e-mail me the contact information (hoping to travel this year!!!). kelly at digitalpembroke dot com. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Katy said...

I am so thankful you had a good, safe, clean place to stay while you were there. Looking back at these pictures now, does it feel like so long ago??? To think it was only 7 weeks or so? Amazing!!