Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ethiopia - where we stayed

there was a joy in going back through the pics in rwanda for yesterday's post.

this was harder.
these were DARK days.

we did have fun {the area outside of our guest house. you pretty much couldn't step foot outside of that black gate. felt very caged in.}
and the gift of being with friends...and making NEW friends was AWESOME!
we tried to make the most of it...our dinner of clif bars and flavored water in the lobby...
and movies...
but it was so hard. we felt stuck. we had nothing to do. almost nothing to "check off" to bring us closer to home. we were just waiting...

the kids and hannah slept here! our room had 2 bedrooms and a living room and little kitchen area.
GREAT service and accomodations! they cleaned our room every day. we were on the 4th floor...so we got plenty of exercise walking up and down a million times a day :-)
pat and i and levi slept here.
lincoln slept on a cot in the living area.

when i look at these my heart and stomach feel sick.
so, i'm moving on.

we were SO glad to leave and come HOME!!!!!!!!!


Katy said...

how did your kids handle the food? or lack thereof? i can't even imagine having clif bars and water for dinner - seriously. how spoiled are we.

The Lichtys said...

Thanks for sharing, the Chez Lando pictures are amazing and bring such warm, welcome feelings, but yes the Ethiopian memories are not so good, though we were one step closer to home, it was hard step. Hope you are all enjoying your time away!
AW Family

Amy Shepherd said...

I can totally relate! We are in Ethiopia right now, and it is sooo hard, just trying to make it through each day.

Amy D said...

Hi Courtney,

I've been following your blog ever since Lisa over at One Thankful Mom linked to your blog, and I can't remember if I have commented yet. I've been really thankful for your honesty with your family's adjustment to bringing home your sons! We have two young children and are adopting internationally, and we'll be bringing home our baby in the next few months or so! :) So it's so helpful to hear your family's story, since you're a few months ahead of us. Thanks so much for having the courage to share it!

I wanted to ask, are you glad brought most of your biological children with you on the trip? Our children are 2 and 4 and there will be a couple of trips involved, one being possibly 4 weeks! We're seriously considering bringing them for part of the long trip, partly because of the length of it and their young age, and partly because we have close ties with a ministry there, and we want them to see our friends at the ministry, and see their sister's birth country. But I am worried about it being hard with not being able to do much with them during the waiting, about their adjustment to the country, and about it being hard to not just focus on our new child. Any thoughts? Anything you'd do differently?