Tuesday, August 16, 2011

how we got to see hannah yesterday

here is our arrival yesterday afternoon...

so, the backstory.

my sister left for central/south america 3 days after we got home from africa.
she is going to be there for 6 months.

but...there is a boy.
and they like each other. a lot.
the boy is hiking the appalachian trail for 4-6 months.

the boy was coming off the trail for a special family event this past weekend.
so, a couple weeks ago my sister decided to come HOME for it and be there and surprise him!!!

she did.
he was surprised.
{and they are SO CUTE!}

and, because she was here, we got to have some time with her!!!

rebekah was the only cassada kid that knew she was here. the rest of them were surprised. and it was precious.

pat came to my parents after work and we all ate dinner together. then he brought the kids home and put them to bed, and i stayed and caught up with hannah and john (and my parents and brother) until 1 am! it was so fun and special.

she leaves again tomorrow. it was harder to say goodbye this time. last time was so crazy and chaotic that it just happened and she was gone. but, i've had time to miss her like CRAZY after being with her non-stop for 3 weeks. and then i got to TOUCH her and HEAR her yesterday. and, now?? well, i think she shouldn't go back :-) 

{my pictures are horrible...but the video is fun!}

ps. the tent tutorial is here...it's pretty easy.


Christy said...


and LOVE that her guy is hiking the AT----WOW! My brother did that a yr or so ago-----that takes some seriously physical/mental strength!!!!


Courtney said...

I love how Levi is touching Lincoln's head in the video. What a special night!

Maggie said...

So sweet!