Tuesday, August 16, 2011

read it S L O W L Y...

"It is only courage when we know the cost of failure. 
It is only faith when there is the potential for doubt. 
And it can only be won when we have to fight for it."

Naomi Zacharias

{from the scent of water: grace for every kind of broken. just finished it. there will be more quotes posted. LOVED the book. already re-reading parts of it.}

i know failure. and doubt. and fighting.

and i trust that i know courage and faith and winning {in His strength}.


Christy said...

ohhhhh like it---gonna have to add that book to my wish list :)

Leighann said...

wow. definitely need the book. thanks!

Leighann said...

i still haven't read bittersweet!

Megan said...

So. Just ordered the book. Clearly need it.

Megan said...

btw. love you.