Thursday, August 25, 2011

his first bath in america

guess what was {really} happening while everyone was waiting for us to get through customs?!?

lincoln was getting his first bath in america! :-)

he came out of the orphanage in a diaper. we quickly learned he was totally potty-trained {whoo-hoo!!!}

he only had 1 accident the ENTIRE trip.

until the plane ride home. he went #2 IN.HIS.PANTS a few hours in. he was sound asleep. woke up and just couldn't get it all figured out fast enough.

so. that's bad. but it was even WORSE because he had some ISSUES in that department. like, the SMELL was not your normal #2 smell {we have since had that diagnosed and treated and it's SO much better!!!}

i was way up in the front of the plane with levi (in a seat that had a little crib thing in front of it.)
pat was back with lincoln.
hannah and the other 3 were close to him.

bailey comes running up to me and says, "dad needs the wipes. NOW." i hand them over.
and try to not think about what it happening.

pat took him in the bathroom. threw lincoln's underwear away. and tries to clean him up with the wipes as much as he can. but the smell is NOT going anywhere.

the poor man on the other side of lincoln the rest of the plane ride...ugh.

so, we get off the plane and i can not even stand to walk NEXT to him! it's THAT bad. so, when we got our luggage, i tear threw them to find a change of clothes for him. hannah and i find a family restroom and strip him down and put him in the sink. we give him a bath right there in the sink of the bathroom in the customs area of the airport.

but i knew what was waiting for us. i wanted him to smell good :-) and i'm so glad he did!


Kelly said...

How awful and funny and stressful and crazy all at the same time. I'm glad you bathed him before meeting everyone. You can never redo a first impression, right?

T-Luh said...

haha! That is an awesome story! :p And you, Hannah, and especially Pat are super troopers for dealing with that so well!!! What a fun memory of his "first bath in America." :p

Michelle said...

What a memory! So glad you've written it down. ;)

andrea said...

and the adventures just began from

Beckysblog said...

You will be so happy you have this recorded!

He might not, but you will!

Katy said...

That's hilarious. I'm sure not funny when you are trapped on a plane next to him, but that is a riot!!

Megan said...

Yeah, I couldn't help but laugh as I read that. And imagined Pat in the toilet on the plane trying to clean that up. I'm guessing he was not laughing at that moment! It makes for a funny story though!

Laura said...

We had almost the identical thing happen with Isaiah on the flight home!!!