Sunday, August 28, 2011

annual beach trip - PERFECT last evening

we heard about the hurricane around tuesday?? i tried to ignore it.
but, it didn't go away.

we eventually came to grips with the fact that it was coming. and it was going to effect us.

most of the area left on thursday morning. but the storm wasn't coming til saturday!

so, we stayed thursday. enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach. a nice, relaxing afternoon by the pool.

went back to the beach to take pictures.

ej played a little game of soccer with the kids on the beach after we tortured them with pictures...

i think KNOWING it was our last night...and that we kind of on borrowed time, made the evening that much sweeter...

the kids got pop rocks...and glow necklaces...
and root beer floats!
then they went to bed and we had the MOST glorious dinner on the deck!
pork tenderloin, salad, breadsticks, drink of choice....
but the BEST part was the company.
and another beach trip draws to a close.
the withdrawal upon coming home is hard.
the kids ask about their friends often. and i think of things i want to say to MY friends.

it was a GREAT week. good time with friends AND family.

SO so blessed...

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