Sunday, August 28, 2011

annual beach trip - more group shots!

ali and i. such a gift to me.
the girls...
ali, leah, peyton, me

the whole group!!!
we are kind of standing by family...
the fogarty's on the left - with owen, mason and ryan
then us
then the young's - with caroline, caleb and jack
then the ayer's - with ellery and walt

we were missing the granger's this year. she is due with TWINS any day!!!!
it is a rare thing, this group.
every single person is so amazing...and it makes it possible for us to live together and ENJOY each other for a week! i think this was the 6th year...

so thankful for them.

and so thankful for all these kids!!!

here's the "setting up"...
i was watching lincoln's face as i was taking these. there were 8 adults all behind my head saying, "smile!" "look here!" and all kinds of other crazy things. i think he thought we'd all gone insane! it makes me laugh so hard just thinking about it!

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