Saturday, July 16, 2011

wrapping up our swim season - 2011

many more pictures.
today was our last home swim meet...1 more meet next saturday, but i've decided i'm not bringing my camera to that one.

these first pictures are from last saturday (never posted them??)

when we have our meets at our pool, the kids all run in together and there's fun music and everything. it's SUCH a fun atmosphere!

THE coach said something to rebekah :-)
{we have a GREAT coach!!!}
we have a big swim team. this is part of the area where the kids sit while they are waiting for their turns to swim. it's pretty much chaos. but they all LOVE it!
then, they line them up and they wait for their turns in chairs behind the lane they will swim in.

there are also a few jr. coaches (jr high and high schoolers) that are AWESOME! here is one telling joshua to swim hard!
ready, set...
go! {breast stroke}
waiting for her turn...
rebekah has to swim "50's" this year because she's in an older age group. flip turns are a big deal (she has to swim down AND back...joshua and bailey just have to swim down.}

and, while they are in between races, they eat breakfast...and snacks... {we have chick fil a biscuits!!! the rule in our family is that you only get one if you SWIM.}

the whole pool...

back stroke

i think this picture is out of order?? sorry.

these next few are from today. our little cheering squad :-)
we all came for the first hour or so (to watch r, j and b swim freestyle and back stroke) and then pat took the younger 4 home and i stayed for the other 3 hours!

so there are like multiple heats for each race. rebekah is in the 9-10 age group. there are 6 girls racing each heat. but there could be like 5 heats for 9-10 girls swimming freestyle. but, there is someone passing out a ribbon for the "heat winner" of each heat. so, even though you might be #15 of 20 girls overall, you could still be the "heat winner." i'm thankful that my kids don't really seem to get that yet. they just lOVE getting a ribbon! :-)

so, bailey made it across this past wednesday doing freestyle. today she did freestyle AND tried backstroke. again, flipped out. her junior coach (talking to her in this picture) had to go GET her from the bathroom. she thought she could hide out there and miss her race! madi - THANK YOU!!!
she got in...

and made it across!!!
it's ADORABLE how excited they all get for each other! her friend picked her UP in a hug!

joshua in the water for backstroke.
rebekah in the water for backstroke...
our swimmers. we are SO proud of them!!!

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