Friday, July 29, 2011

we took our zoo to the zoo!

we had friends from college in town with their families...and we met them at the national zoo!

we left early, picked pat up at his office (introduced the boys to a few of his co-workers, which was fun!) and then headed into the city...

all these kids are our "group!"

3 families. 13 kids.
special relationships.
(i don't think i got any pictures of us wives...of course!)
we see these families not often enough at ALL! but, joshua and turner were the had been a couple years, but they just picked right back up! walked together the whole time. adorable.
it was HOT HOT HOT. thankful they had these mister things!

i was nervous. like, couldn't sleep last night, nervous about this. it was a big deal to take our whole crew to something like this - for me it was a big deal. but, everyone did well. and now they are konked out and i'm going to attempt a "real" kinda post up next...

we LOVED getting to see you all!!! friendships are such a blessing...

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