Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i tend to evaluate my day at the end of it. as a whole.
not a good idea these days.

so, now, at 9:45 am,  it's a GOOD DAY.

everyone slept til {almost} 7 am.
no one spilled their bowl at breakfast.

me and "those 2" lined up their cars. then put them in their bags. then went to another wall and lined them up again. and again.
then i did a new workout {at the bottom of the post} with zac brown band playing and the 3 little boys played with all their cars so nicely! {the older 3 were at swim team}
it's a GOOD DAY!!!

{it was such a fun workout! took a little less than 30 minutes. but i was interrupted quite a few times. and i didn't run for 10 minutes. i ran up and down the stairs for 2 of zac's songs. and went up and brought levi down the stairs about 50 times during the workout - he loves climbing the stairs. so...a little tweaking to fit into my life, but, a FUN workout!}


Amy said...

YOU are a workout rockstar. I can't even get motivated to do a 20 minute workout. You are my hero.

Leighann said...

I did it this morning too! No running either. Had 4 of my sister's kids and my own. Ryan was tugging on my leg crying. I felt like such a bad mom and reminded myself to get up earlier tomorrow so he's not awake while I'm doing it. Hurt good this morning.... not as easy as the first time two days ago..... and I ran the other day... was not hungry today like I was Monday... hmmmm.... glad you liked it.