Saturday, July 23, 2011

our barn and our schedule these days

i had a LONG day the other day...swim team, bailey had a birthday party, the older 3 had dentist appts (but all 6 came!) and pat didn't get home until i was headed to bed. i was very intentional about my day. knowing i needed extra patience and strength. i asked a few people to pray for me that day. and i made it through the day with a smile on my face AND heart. i think i need to go through ALL my days that way!

after dinner, i took the kids on a walk to "our" barn. i'll admit that my main motive was to make sure they went to bed easily. it worked. but it was also fun!
there is a pond back there. the kids pointed it out to lincoln, "look, lincoln! water!"

his face lit up and he RAN RIGHT IN! everyone screamed. then looked at me. i was they laughed. it's so overwhelming to be the one that sets the mood all.the.time.

it felt like about 100* outside. not exaggerating. but we still enjoyed just being outside together.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. changed my header to it already. this is our life. outside. everyone together, yet doing different things. LOVE it!
these 2...
we've actually gotten into a pretty decent schedule these days. it's going to change next week, since swim team is over. but, so i have it, this is our schedule these days:

early- pat goes to gym then i run
7 am - kids get up. it's not been easy...but we are finally at a point where lincoln stays in his bed until we come get him at 7 (unless he has to go to the bathroom) which is AWESOME!!!
get dressed, eat breakfast
7:50 am - older 3 get picked up for swim team practice (a friend has driven my kids to and from swim team for the last 3 weeks. i don't know HOW i would have done it!)
8:45 am - joshua and bailey get home (during this time i've enjoyed playing cars and trains with the little boys. sometimes i do an extra workout. and i take a shower and figure out what our plan is for the rest of the morning)
9:30 am - rebekah gets home
for the rest of the morning we: go to the pool or a playground or stay home and play or run an errand
noon-ish: eat lunch (this is CRAZY! getting lunch made, on the table and cleaned up for 6 kids is insane.)
12:45 pm: take lincoln and sawyer upstairs. they each pick 1 book and i read a book to each of them in their beds. this has become a sweet time for us. they each look forward to do i. then they take naps.
1:00 pm: put levi down for his nap. do schoolwork with the older 3
1:30 pm: older 3 rest in their rooms...sometimes together...sometimes separately...i decide each day
3:30 pm: older 5 can get up
4 pm: levi gets up
we spend the rest of the afternoon playing outside or inside
6 pm: dinner
baths (if it's bath night)
7 pm: pat gets home, does the candle with them, i have time with levi as i feed him his bottle and put him to bed around 7:45 pm
8 pm: older 5 go to bed (pat does a "day" with whoever's turn it is - they play a game or read together - keeping it pretty simple these days)

there you have it. our days.

there were moments on this particular afternoon that this sweet guy was "just one of them." i didn't realize it til after it was all over and they were all in bed. but, it's amazing how much he is picking up and learning from them. he is one amazing little boy.

i know. CUTEness!!!
i also REALLY love this one!

right after we took this, we headed home.
a huge bee appeared and rebekah went completely berSERK! like, flinging herself around. screaming. crying. running in circles. then bailey started crying, saying, "we CAN'T leave LEVI BEHIND!" all hysterical! (i guess since rebekah had been pushing levi, she thought she couldn't anymore because she had lost her mind.)

lincoln and sawyer were in the stroller i was pushing and were BOTH looking at rebekah and bailey like, "hey! this is what WE do! why are YOU guys flipping out??" they were the most silent i had seen them all day.

i was laughing SO hard, doubled over, tears streaming down my face.

i think we ALL let out some built up emotion in those few minutes. i'm laughing just thinking about it now. it feels SO good to laugh, doesn't it??


Amy said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Katy said...

You are getting great pics that are so capturing your days. Totally hilarious about Lincoln running into the water and rebekah and the bee.

Laura said...

Your kiddos are just so cute!! So happy for your family!!

Alden and Dorian said...

I LAUGH SO hard everytime I read about Rebekah's bee incident AND Lincoln running in the creek. YES, laughter is the BEST medicine for sure. The barn pictures are beautiful and clear. Who would think on such a hot day that the air would be that clear???? I LOVE the blog header pic. Yes, that is the mom's special role "setting the mood" matter how we feel inside. Phew. Love you Courtney. YOu are doing the midst....with of course God's GREAT hand of strength and power.

Leighann said...

you are doing such a good job. i am proud to call you my friend.

Tammy said...

Whew! I get tired just reading about your day. you truly are AMAZING. I don't know how you do it. And I don't know how you play outside these days. that is just dedication for sure. love you!

Megan said...

I am still laughing about Rebekah and the bee and Bailey worrying about leaving Levi behind. Too funny. Can't wait to see you when we bring a meal!

Michelle said...

Love that picture of Lincoln especially!

Ali said...

i love knowing what you are up to when. it helps me pray. love you

Holly said...

it was just a little walk..right?
oh my word...this was HILARIOUS!