Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i'm surviving...

i was SO worried about lincoln this morning - how his little heart was going to handle pat leaving for work, and the older kids leaving for swim team.

many of you were praying...and God was so good. he handled it all beautifully!

it helped that when pat left, we were in the middle of breakfast. pat hugged and told each kid goodbye, and all was well! i really think that having so many kids for lincoln to watch and be his models helps SO much.

he had a much harder time when the older 3 got picked up {yes, levi LOVES rebekah. i DO hold him a lot, too, just in case you were worried!} but i was able to quickly re-direct lincoln and i had a fun time with just him, sawyer and levi!
after the big kids got home, we walked to a playground! i pushed lincoln and sawyer. and rebekah pushed levi.
joshua and bailey rode their bikes. we are quite the sight...
it's always an adjustment to me when we go from "school days" to "summer days"...and, this year, we've switched from "school days" to "summer days + 2 kids from africa!" it's a lot. my house is a disaster! but everyone is happy. lots of smiles and laughter. fewer and fewer tantrums. lincoln's hugs are the BEST. and sawyer and lincoln are becoming QUITE the pair (they kind of just took each other in the first few days...but now they are SO cute together!)

rebekah is at a friends for a little bit.
off to play battleship with joshua before the others wake up!


Alden and Dorian said...

It sounds like you are doing MUCH better than surviving! YOu sound GREAT as well as the kids. I LOVED Lincoln holding Sawyer's hand, Pat saying goodbye individually to all 6 kids, how your heart must have been feeling having thew 6 by yourself today, glad for your time with L & L and Sawyer this morning, how wonderfully Lincoln is doing, UM AMAZING Hannah ~ loved your post, AND lastly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the July 4 photo of the kids!!!!!!!! One day at a time Courtney ~ you are doing GREAT. Can't wait to see you Thursday! Love you!

Jennifer said...

loved, loved the one of Lincoln holding Sawyer's hand - he fits right in with your kiddos already - having to touch another family member at all times.

Praying for the new normal to be a good contented, happy, thought B.U.S.Y. normal.


Amy said...

They are holding hands!! Love it.