Tuesday, July 5, 2011


words can never express what a gift hannah gave to our family by coming with us on our trip to meet and bring home our 2 boys.

we asked her, knowing she would be perfect.
and she was.

she's so low-maintenance, so laid back, so fun (!), so strong, so loving and patient.

one thing i didn't think about was how much our new boys might bond with her.
lincoln has asked about "auntie hannah" for days...and i LOVE that! they made quite the bond together.
she put BIG things in her life on hold. my mom just did an amazing post about hannah's life right now.

and, the day we came home, i had to hug her goodbye...for at least 6 months. it was just about too much.
she has started a blog to document her new adventures...and she did a post about her time with us...and her "take" on adoption - which i LOVE. she had a viewpoint that not many people get to have - seeing adoption SO closely, without actually being the one doing it.

i've always been so thankful for her. i've always known she was amazing. she just continues to show me over and over by how she lives her life.

thinking about hannah so much this day...as she's on yet ANOTHER flight to a far away place...

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Judy said...

So excited Hannah has a blog!!! Can't wait to read about all her adventures!!