Monday, July 11, 2011


last friday was really a fun day. most of it. but, that's pretty good for now.

3 things for the morning:
*cheer on our friend's in the kid's triathlon (SO sad to not be part of it this year...)
*go to target for a couple things
*go to chick fil dressed up as cows and get lunch for free!

when i came down after my shower, this is what i found. i had told the kids to all put on white clothes. and then drew cow spots on black construction paper for them to cut out. rebekah took it a step further, and colored their faces :-) mostly i LOVE that they are ALL in the bathroom!

they all got free kid's meals! and i ordered a side salad and diet coke for myself, and was taking my wallet out to pay for it, and the very nice young man said, "ma'am, you don't need to pay for anything! and we'll bring your lunches out to you. just go have a seat." so kind. and maybe wanted us out of the way a bit, too. :-)
lincoln must be wondering WHAT in the world he's gotten into with our family, huh??


Megan said...

umm...okay. I am totally impressed! I didn't even do the cow thing with normal 3 kid life. You did the cows (super cute cows!) with just having arrived home from Africa and 6 kid life. You are crazy, and I love you. And yes, I wish we could know what Lincoln is really thinking about all this. Is he wondering if he has to dress up as a cow EVERY Friday?

Katy said...

So you didn't dress up too? You should have ordered them all the 12 cf nuggets combo meal like we did so you would have leftovers! Proud of you for doing it!

Tracey said...

I LOVE their side salads with Spicy dressing! Oh, and their milkshakes of course! :)