Tuesday, November 2, 2010

quiet restfulness

“The quiet restfulness of God’s unhurried presence acts as a solace to fretful and anxious hearts; moreover, in such an atmosphere the human spirit is made sensitive to the movements of the Divine Spirit, and confidence that He will not fail is engendered. It is those who thus wait, who find strength to continue waiting for His moment which assuredly will come.”
Thomas Pitch in a marginal note by Ruth Bell Graham
The Quest for Serenity
G. H Morling, 41
Let us then labour for an inward stillness,
An inward stillness and an inward healing,
That perfect silence where the lips and heart
are still,
And we no longer entertain our own
Thought and vain opinions,
But God above speaks in us,
And we wait in singleness of heart,
That we may know His will,
And in the silence of our spirit
That we may do His will,
And do that only…
Henry W. Longfellow

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mary said...

Hi Courtney! I have been reading your blog for a while now, but always felt awkward about commenting, I don't know why! Anyway, this post resonated so deeply with me, I wrote down the quotes and verses and put them in places I will read them often. Thank you so much for sharing it! The Lord used them to speak to my heart and remind me of TRUTH. We are also in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia, and I have been so consumed with anxiety about the wait lately. This was like a breath of fresh air. Anyway, I am praying for you and your little guys in Rwanda, and believe with you in the goodness of the Lord and the perfection of His timing.