Tuesday, November 2, 2010

our "holiday"

what a GREAT 2 days we've had.
started off the morning yesterday with cinnamon toast. one of their favorites.
and took our time eating it.
then i told them that we were going to pack some lunches and take them to people that don't have homes downtown.
then i ran upstairs to take a quick shower.
when i came down, this is how i found them.
making cards/pictures for the people we would bless.
their hearts humble me.
we got to work packing the lunches...

each one had: a water bottle, an orange, an apple, a turkey and cheese sandwich and a homemade granola bar.
we drove downtown.
i was slightly nervous.
this was out of my comfort zone.
but it's an opportunity i wanted to give my kids, so i had to do it, too!
i told them that, no matter what we saw or heard, these people needed to know God loved them MORE than they needed the food we were bringing them.
that the food would fill their bellies for a time...but they would be hungry again later.
but if they KNEW God loved them that He could fill something in them for the rest of their life!
we were going to tell each person we had the opportunity to talk to, "God loves you."

it didn't quite go as i had planned.
we didn't get to hand out all the lunches we packed.
i only knew of a few areas to drive to and didn't feel comfortable going to places i didn't "know"
{my sister lives there and was  my reference beforehand...}
i was trying to be safe with my 4 small children.

but...we did hand some out.
and told some people, "God loves you."
rebekah's heart for people is HUGE.
bailey's joy is amazing.
joshua and i were terrified.
sawyer took it all in.
we were all affected by it and i don't think we'll ever forget it.

it's a really "different" feeling to drive around downtown with my eyes SEARCHING...HOPING to see someone i can help. it's how i should live every day...

i finally got around to a project that i've had "prepped" for a couple weeks.
i made this Christmas planner.
not necessary.
but it's been a LONG time since i've made something just for me and just for fun and it was really good to do.
made my heart happy.

and the whole time i was working on it, all 4 kids were working on their own project...i think we'll get to see the results of that later today :-) i LOVE hearing/watching them all together...
now i have no excuse not to start, huh??
i took my kids out to lunch today.
and NOT to chick fil a or mcdonalds {i LOVE both of those places...but...i was feeling brave and generous and fun :-)}

i had never been here...but heard it was good...
it was a little pricey for me {you know, i'm used to mcd's}
but it was fun and yummy and we have enough left over for dinner (that i had no plan for), so maybe it's not all that pricey after all :-)
my pictures all look so weird because i'm forcing myself to shoot in ONLY manual lately...LOTS of bad pictures...and hard when i want to take a "quick" shot of something happening...but hopefully i'll learn!
we've had a great couple days.
i LOVE being with my kids.
love it.

and little do they know what's on the docket for the rest of the afternoon:
piano lessons
picking up the house...like, for REAL
soccer practice
baths :-)

hey...life isn't ALL fun and games!


Tisha said...

SUCH a great way to spend your holiday! The lunches are an inspiring idea....
Pei Wei is one of Bobby and my favorite places, for our dates. LOVE some Pei Wei!!

Beckysblog said...

wow. what a cool experience for the kids AND you!

beckley said...

yeah, fun & games.

you know what they say...
life isn't just making cards and food and hanging out with victims of homelessless. Step out of the margin and do something important, will ya?

i love you.
you are an exceptional mom.

lucky kids you've got there.

Anonymous said...

you a such a great mom!


Anonymous said...

oops, you ARE such a great mom!

jenn said...

they will never forget it! what an awesome adventure - you are a wonderful mom! :)

Alden and Dorian said...

Love it all ~ time with the kids, feeding the homeless, Christmas Planner (SO cute!), Pei Wei (our very favorite!), cinnamon toast (yum), kids' notes, and most of all....your happy heart! Thank you God for your hand on this mama....and family.

Holly said...

so copying you.

I have done that myself, but never even thought about taking the kids!


Amy said...

I've been wanting to make that same planner! I bought the supplies... just need to do it! Do I need to start shooting in manual?? What did you usually shoot on??

Ali said...

awesome experience for you and kids, wow! and LOVE the planner. right up my alley. any excuse to use cute paper.

one thankfulmom said...

We took our kids to the waterfront in Seattle and as a big treat we went to Ivars for fish and chips. Just as we were passing out food to the two tables of our kids, a homeless person came up and sort of asked/gestured for food. I was unprepared and didn't quite know what to do and the person (not sure if it was a man or woman) left. Then Dimples got very worried about him and my heart was heavy, so we went to try to find him...but couldn't.

I wish in that moment I would have had the presence of mind to share our food and the love of Jesus -- what a beautiful gift that would have been for my children.

Good job leading your children in merciful acts - they are so blessed.


Megan said...

I think it is great you took the kids downtown to give away food. What a great experience for them, even if you came home with a few lunches. Glad you enjoyed your two days with them. And not at all surprised that you managed to make them MEANINGFUL.

Leighann said...

Okay, there is a homeless man that stands where Rt. 66 becomes Constitution Ave. There is another homeless man that stands (many times) at the end of Whitehurst Pkwy where it merges into K St. At that intersection, if you turn down toward Rt. 66 going toward I St. and the Watergate Hotel, there is an overpass... there are often beds there, if not people. There's typically a guy down on Rhode Island Ave. near Georgia Ave intersection. And a lot of times a homeless man on Foxhall Rd. in NW DC near the gas station. Where Foxhall and Canal Rd. meet. Honestly though, I see less homeless people during the day than in the evening. I think they are nocturnal.

Great Idea!