Wednesday, October 20, 2010

want to come to a party?

my friend, christy, sells Stella and Dot jewelry.
it's BEAUTIFUL stuff! {almost as beautiful as HER!}

she is flying here from TEXAS to do a party at my house!
and all the profits from the party are going towards our adoption!
isn't that the best, funnest thing ever??

so...if you want to come, consider yourself invited.
{can you let me know you're coming so that i have enough food and drink? thanks!}

my house {email me if you need the address - email on the right sidebar ----------->}
Wednesday, Oct 27
10 am - 12 pm
just come and go as you can
there is NO presentation
children welcome!

AND if you can't come, but want to order and have it be a part of the party, just

go here and click on "find your hostess" in the upper right corner and then type in my name.

then order away! :-)

and, regardless of if you're coming or ordering, what is your favorite piece of the Stella and Dot line??
wondering minds want to know
{really, because i wear the same 2 pieces of watch and necklace...EVERYday...i need some idea of what looks good!}


Julie said...

that is awesome, I am going to order some stuff as Christmas gifts and love that it is going toward YOUR adoption. I love you friend. Remember to breathe and get a diet coke from Chick fila, that might help you get some good perspective :)

beckley said...

i wannnnnna come!!!!!!!

and i love the bailey video, btw. she and belle would have a blast together =)

Courtney said...

what a wonderful gift toward the adoption!
my favorite piece is the locket- I'm wearing it in the picture of my "girl date" on my regular blog. You can wear it on the chain it comes with, or put it on a chain of your own.

Christy said...

I am SOOOOOOO excited I can hardly stand it!!! :)