Tuesday, October 12, 2010

update on potty training

i was planning on updating by the hour...but blogger wouldn't let me in at 8 am.
and then things went a little crazy {meaning I got frustrated...}

so, here's the update:
7:15 am: accident while i got breakfast on the table
7:15-9:00 am: took him to the potty every 10 minutes. he never went.
we played in the kitchen and read lots of books and i did bailey's hair :-)
we were all still smiling and having fun.
i had to go myself and he had an accident at 9:10 am - ugh.

9:15-10:15 am: took him every 20-30 minutes while i was doing aerobics. no accidents. but never went either. at 10:30 am as we were picking up the basement to come upstairs, he had an accident.
at least i knew i had time to take a shower now!
i'm getting pretty frustrated at this point and needed the few minutes away from him and from bailey who was BEGGING for my attention.

10:45: i'm back downstairs and we played until they ate lunch and then walked bailey to the bus.
11:20 am: he pees on the sidewalk at the bus stop :-) i would have bet MONEY that would happen!

so...here we are.
4 accidents.
no successes.
i am having a HARD time caring if he EVER gets potty-trained.
i was mentioning that to a friend at the bus stop and she made a good point: with all the other kids, i had another baby on the way and had extra motivation...not so much this time...but, i've ruined my whole day so far so we're going to stick with it for now.

i'd LOVE one success before his nap...but not sure it's going to happen.
he seems to only go to the bathroom once an hour or so.
that was the same as joshua.
it's just harder to CATCH them when they have to go.
the girls went potty like every 15 minutes!
is that a boy/girl thing? or just my kids??

ok...time to try again...


Judy said...

My nephew Nathan refused to potty train. Then someone told me to put Fruit Loops in the potty and tell him to try to pee on them. I know, I know...totally gross, but that's how he finally peed the first time.

Alison McLennan said...

Just like my first day with Liam! It sounds weird, but have you tried pouring warm water over his groin while he sits on the potty? I thought of that after Liam held it in all morning only to pee while washing his hands. It reminded me of how he always used to pee as soon as his feet hit the warm water in a bath, so I got out a measuring cup and experimented. Worked like a charm!

jenn said...


hang in there!

ps. love bailey's hair...i can't wait until addie's is long enough to "do" :)

Peyton said...

the same thing happened to us with caroline, everytime I would get her up she would pee all over the floor. I finally made her sit on the potty and wouldn't let her get up till she peed. It took FOREVER, I mean like hours but it worked and then she started to get it. She was never one of those kids who pees frequently, she only goes a few times a day so it was more tricky for us. good luck!

The Faircloth Five said...

Ok, you're doing the right thing by sticking with it! None of my kids had ANY successes on the 1st day. Definitel don't give up. Your motivation is that it will be DONE and you do have 2 more babies on the way...

Keep it up! You can do it!

Katy said...

josiah went ALL the time (just like me), but jacob only went a few times a day (just like david). every kid is different. is he really physically ready? showing any other signs....like waking up dry, telling you when he has to go, etc? i know he's two and all, but each of mine have been sooo different...

Beckysblog said...

at least Bailey's hair is super cute!

Jenny said...

I didn't know you were adopting from Rwanda!! WOW:) I taught for a summer in Rwanda and LOVED it there!

beckley said...

girls have an external sphincter, boys don't. girls can tell better when they have to go, generally.

jackson walked at 10 months, read at 27 months, and learns other languages with ease. Potty training was hard, and took years to fully get. Nighttime is still not good. Belle has had one accident since she took her diapers off--ever.

same parents. different kids. everyone's different. who knows?

he'll get it. he will. grace and peace to you in the meantime-